Features & Benefits

  • Fully customizable web-based database
  • Digitize any paper form or work process
  • Secure retention of all your records
  • Cloud-based database integrates seamlessly between mobile and office environments instantly
  • Eliminates messy, paper-based processes
  • User friendly interface and process flow
  • Geo-location tagging: protects with accountability on every report
  • Integrates with camera and photo library on mobile device for photos of issues
  • Maintain digital inventory and report archives of all locations and items
  • Upload and store relevant documents within locations and resources
  • Saves time and increases efficiency
  • Works on all smart phones and tablets
  • Customized PDF inspection report available instantly 24/7
  • FREE digitized industry forms
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To maintain flexibility for our customers diverse use, INSPECS does not charge per facility or per location like many others. We also do not charge by the size of your municipality or organization. We keep it simple and charge a minimal license fee per authorized user.

In addition we allow a FREE administration account with limited data entry permissions but full visibility.

$50 per month

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Types of Customers

  • Public Parks & Recreation Facilities
  • Campgrounds
  • Theme & Amusement Parks
  • Fairgrounds
  • Sports Complexes

About Us

INSPECS enterprise software first became available in 2012. Licensing is provided to accounts for their private use based on a named user pricing model. INSPECS has a secure , powerful web based database that is fully customized by each user for your specific purpose.